Development Delays

Since Zane has Costello Syndrome, he is expected to have some developmental delays.  This section of Zane’s blog will just note which milestones he’s hit and if he hit them late or right on time!

My biggest one right now is that he smiled around 2months old and he isn’t smiling anymore at 3months old.  However he has had trouble with breathing and also added a new diagnosis: Opsoclonus Myoclonus, so I think he has been uncomfortable and probably not wanting to smile. (Update: Zane smiles ALL the time now, he loves life, he especially loves hearing his brothers and sister laugh, he loves peak a boo and he loves being lifted up then down quick (picture a quick drop ride at Six Flags or something but in your arms, not letting go of him of course just very gently)

Here are some milestones a regular 3month old baby should have and wether Zane is doing them or not:

Coo’ing– YES- not fully belly sounds but he definately babbles

Smiling at faces–YES, hes gotten so good at this you can barely tell he’s blind!  He doesnt look at my forehead anymore or the wall behind me, he actually looks at me, and he is VERY responsive to noise, shadows moving over him, smells

Recognizing parents & siblings–YES- he looks for me across a room, he calms when he hears me talking to other people, he smiles when he hears his brothers and sister, he kicks his legs when hes excited!

Look at you when he hears your voice– Yes!

wave arms and pump legs– YES! Mostly in the bath tub, he kicks his legs and splashes!

bring both hands together– Yes and even to his face now

swatting at toys on mobile– totally mastered this now, unbelievable

starting to laugh– yes, all the time!

grabbing– He can reach about 6inches away from his body, his range in motion is getting SO much better!  he can even hold a ball now without holes

lift head during tummy time– YES and he is getting SO CLOSE to being able to sit a longer time supported.

(I got this list of developmental milestones from Baby Center’s website)



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