Special features

Our mutated lil fellar has a few unique features that have been noted:

  • “he is beefy” – noted by an endocrinologist on his medical record.  It literally says BEEFY.  interesting.
  • He has a lot of rolls!  I mean I’ve had big rolly poly kids before but he has some major folds!  He collects lint and all sorts of stuff in them.  I will give him a bath then open his tight fist an hour later and find a hand full of lint he grabbed off his clothes or a blanket.
  • He holds tight fists all of the time.  He doesn’t like when you open them.  It is also hard to extend his arms at the elbows.
  • thick skin with loose folds (behind his neck, on his biceps, his hands and feet)
  • He has some unusual facial features: if you divide the human face into thirds (forehead= 1/3, eyes & nose= 1/3, mouth & chin= 1/3) Zane’s eyes and nose area takes up less than a third.  It is very squished together.  His ears sit lower than that section but should be within that same section.  His nose is angled up and deep set.
  • He has super super super soft hair.  It is undescribeable.  I am in love with it!  It also turned the color red!  Fun!
  • He has very rough and irritated skin.  He often has red across his whole eyebrow area… the slightest touch makes it look beat red.  When I wash him in the bath his skin turns red on his face from simply washing it with a washcloth.  He also is sensitive to adhesive (like momma is)
  • He has flexible joints in his hands and toes.  You could literally bend his fingers all the way backwards.  I noticed while changing his clothes (i be super careful with this everytime i change him) but he can get a finger caught on a sleeve or something and it would bend back like rubber and he wouldnt even cry or notice…. just act like its totally natural (it is very strange)
  • He has weak muscle tone.  He does not pull himself up if you pull his arms… he does not kick at you when you change his diaper.
  • He has strabismus (crossed eyes) and nystagmus (dancing left to right… often seen in newborns but also seen in people with bad eyesight) his eyes move in every single direction you can think of… out to the sides, into the middle, downward gaze, upward gaze, bouncing up and down, bouncing left to right, rolling in circles…. (this has improved  A LOT!!)
  • His arms and legs are shorter than average… he looks like he may have dwarfism at the moment however with Costello he’s just expected to have very short stature but is not believed to fall under “dwarfism” (Often Costellos are under 4feet tall I believe)
  • He has a skin tag in his upper butt crack haha…. he also used to have a third nipple but that one came off.
  • He sweats like crazy!  When he gets upset he can completely drench an outfit so he is changed often and gets baths often!  (this has actually decreased a bit now that its winter)
  • He has tremors, startles, muscle spasms.  The slightest move will scare the beejeebis out of him and he will start crying bad.  He also tremors or shakes his arms and legs involuntarily.  Or flinch a leg or arm now and then.  Sometimes I think he also flinches his mouth/jaw. (Not so much anymore May/2013)

Our baby boy is special and one of a kind!  🙂 Gotta love him!  He is the cutest little boy you ever did see as far as I’m concerned!  Just a little bit mutated!


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