Dermatology- 2013 Orlando FL Costello Conference

These are my personal notes and if you message me I can send the Microsoft Word doc that I made for myself

Dr. Siegl– Dermatologist

Hands & Feet:

  • Callouses
  • Hyperkeratosis- 76%
  • Deep creases/loose skin 85%
  • soft, doughy 61%
  • Fissures (cracks in bends in the fingers and toes) – moisturizing helps Or liquid band aid can help

Treatment for Callouses- vaseline, Urea products (to get dead skin off), Lactic acid products, Paring & filing (nail file)

Age of Callouses- infancy not present, 10-20 years old mild to severe

  • Exaggerated fingertips
  • stippled dermatolohlyphs 42%
  • Acanthosis nigricans (Dark brown thickened skin on back of neck or in armpits) this is usually a sign of Type 2 Diabetes in the general population, but with Costellos they think it is related to diabetes. Age 8-10 years old for some, but common in adolescense
  • Papillomas aka Skin Tags – common on nose and anal regions- 76%  Age 10 to adolesence (Zane has had two of these though as an infant (one by nipple that fell off and one in his butt crack that is still there)

Treatment for Papillomas- you can remove them, but they grow back.  Numb first then snip off OR freeze them off with cryotherapy

  • Darker skin pigment than their other family members
  • strong body odor “sour” or “vinegar” smell around 4-5 years old


  • Eyelashes long and curly
  • Thick eyebrows
  • Wavy Curly hair 96%
  • Hair grows slowly 65% (some kids never needed a hair cut)

Common problems that the general population also has:

  • Keratosis pilaris (red bumpy skin) 32% which is the same percent as the general population

treatment- moisturizers.  Lactic acid, alpha hydroxy acid but this methods stings a lot and they only recommend it for older kids

  • Eczema 24% same percent as general population.  very itchy, rough skin

treatment- Antihistamines- Benadryl for itching, read product labels and look for “fragrance free” (“unscented and “hypoallergenic” still have fragrance) avoid plant and nut oils (If you have a child on oxygen like us… you can’t use petroleum products so, I asked Dr. Siegl what should we use to replace vaseline and Aquaphor?  She suggested Cetaphil).  There is no “cure”, just control with therapy.  The greasier the better!  Avoid pump bottles!  Apply within 3minutes of a bath “Soak in tub, seal in moisture”

  • Impetigo- highly contagious infection- red sores, yellow crusts. enter skin through cuts.  yellow blisters.  caused by strep and staph bacteria. treat with antibiotics (as common as general population)
  • warts – as common as general population- freezing, topical salicyclic acid, immunotherapy: candida antigen, imiguimod cream.  Don’t cut off- has roots in skin


  • grow fast- often have to clip nails 2x a week
  • can get toenail fungus or yeast (topical creams don’t work.  use oral therapies but not they have side effects)

Sun Protection:

  • use sunscreens that say “water resistance” speficifally on them.
  • reapply every 40- 80 minutes
  • must say “Broad spectrum”
  • UVA & UVB
  • Look for Zinc oxide & titanium dioxide on the label- this reflects and scatters UV light
  • Avoid chemical sunscreens
  • seek shade
  • wear a large brim hat/sun hat
  • avoid 10am-4pm
  • wear sunglasses

I looked at the sunscreen I use on Zane after this session and am happy to say Baby Ganics Sunscreen contained all the right things in it.

She also gave out samples of Blue Lizard sunscreen at the conference.




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