the Pregnancy

I did not drink alchol, smoke or even drink caffeine (coffee or soda).  I craved steak.  I couldn’t stomach most dairy… cow’s milk, custards, cheese.  I couldn’t stomach noodles either of any kind.  I loved lemonaid as it helped ease my nausea.

My pregnancy was very normal up until about 23 weeks gestation.  That is when my doctor noticed polyhydramnios/excessive fluid around our baby.  We thought it might be gestational diabetes so I changed what I ate and stopped eating breads, noodles, rice, carbs etc.  while waiting to reach the optimum gestation to do the test.  So at I believe 25 weeks they gave me that test and it came back negative.  I had also been referred to a perinatologist for a closer look on ultrasound.  At first I went every three weeks then they noticed the fluid was getting really severe.  I looked full term at only 28 weeks.  from then on out I had weekly ultrasounds.  At 30 weeks they decided they needed to remove some fluid and did an amniotic reduction.  They inserted a long needle into my belly and I laid there for atleast an hour while it slowly drained out 2.150 liters of fluid.  I was having contractions and it was very uncomfortable, but I felt SO much better with all that fluid gone.

Around the same time I developed PUPPS which is just extreme itching on my entire body that can’t be relieved by anything.  Atleast I thought it couldn’t be relieved until my neighbor found some information on the internet about Dandelion Root Pills.  I took three of those a day and after about 5 days I wasn’t itching anymore.  I continued to take those for the rest of my pregnancy just to make sure it wouldn’t come back.

Everything I invested in and tried to relieve PUPPS itching:

I tried making my own body wash with no chemicals or scents, etc.  I tried Eucerin lotion and Eucerin body wash gel.  I tried Sarna lotion, Baby oil, baby powder, bendryl cream, lotrimin cream, hydrocortisone cream, benadryl pills.  noxema cream everywhere and wash off with a washcloth or shower.  Baking Soda in a bath with tea tree or lavender oil.

What ended up working:

   Baking Soda baths with Lavendar oil releived itching for awhile after i took the bath.  Sarna lotion relieved itching for 15minutes here or there.  I put baby powder or medicated Gold Bond foot powder on my whole body after i got out of the shower and that helped a lot too.  I could put powder on throughout the day as well to relieve it.  The Noxema cream worked in the shower.  Ultimately tho the Dandelion Root Pills three times a day got rid of it all together.

From 32 weeks on , I went did Non Stress Tests twice a week… all coming up normal.

At 33 weeks the fluid we drained out came back.  we went back for another amnio reduction.  This one was so painful that i couldn’t bring myself to do another one.  I just said there is no way i can go through that again!  I was contracting again and our baby was kicking the needle and pushing it out.  He had pushed it so far out that blood started going up the tube.  we had to stop and look on ultrasound to figure out where the blood was coming from.  Thankfully it was coming from the surface of my uterus and not the placenta or the baby.  It scared me pretty good though.  We sent fluid samples for chromosome testing and lung development testing.  His lungs came back a 6 out of 80.  They like babies to be atleast a 40 before theyre ready to come out.  His chromosome tests came back normal.

At 35 weeks… we did another lung development test.  This time they put the needle in but didn’t drain fluid.  It was scarey and it hurt but it wasn’t nearly as bad as draining it. he came back a 12 out of 80.  They were planning to take him out at 36 weeks so this made that a No go.

At this point I went week by week wondering when my water would break or when I would go into labor.  My body was huge and I was amazed by how much it was handling.  I couldn’t go anywhere without someone making comments to me about how big I was.  I was on modfied bed rest and spent most of my days in the pool with my three older kids… on a raft or on a lounge chair in the yard.  We had some really good days and looking back those were our last easy days.  It was hard to carry that weight and i was uncomfortable but I was able to still spend time with my kids and we were all happy and excited about the new baby.

38 weeks we sent another lung development test (At this point Ive totaled 4 amniocentesis’) that one came back not ready either!  I was getting worried about his lungs and wether he would even be ready at full term.  This time the test said 36/80 so we were close to the 40 mark just not quite there yet.   The ultrasound showed that he was 15 pounds.  We were terrified.  He had been gaining 1 1/2 pounds every week and a half via ultrasound.  So we thought they might be wrong by about 2 pounds in either direction but were so happy to find that he was only 11.5pounds at birth!

Because he was expected to be so big they planned to send him to the NICU right away.  I was really sad.  I wanted atleast an hour or two to spend with him in recovery at least!

39 weeks came, it’s show time!  I got all prepped for surgery… he had hiccups when they took us back to the O.R.  I got up on the operating table… I was sitting with my back hunched forward getting ready for the spinal and then… BAM! My water broke! hahaha…. I thought it was the craziest timing ever.  He was on the same page we were.  He said “Im ready”  They thought about giving me a full vertical incision but after my water broke they saw he was much smaller than they expected and I ended up getting the normal bikini cut one. PHEW! Saved!

So when he came out he didn’t cry… he was trying to breath so hard.  When he finally started crying it was not like a normal baby cry. It was hard time explain.  But you could hear how hard of a time he was having.

He got whisked away to the NICU , but they did let me spend thirty minutes with him while they evaluated him before they took him away.  He was tremoring his arms and legs.  They looked like you had just startled him constantly.   He had to be checked on a Brain Z scan for seizures.  He was hypocalcemic (very low calcium) and was put on a high dose to supplement that.  He quickly was weaned off the sugar IV, the oxygen… he was making fast quick breaths but was getting oxygen great.  Then we tried feeding him.  He did excellent at first but as they increased his volume as he got bigger, needing more calories and more calories… it was just too much.  We spent a whole month trying to get him to eat.  We then decided to switch NICU’s and transferred him via ambulance to Children’s Hospital to get a g-tube put in.  When we got there we were welcomed by every specialist you could ever imagine to try and figure out what was going on with our baby.  That is when our life turned upside down!

Click here to read about what happened after we got to the NICU.


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